Health and Development Committee

The Health and Development Committee of the CSWG is dedicated to increasing the awareness of health related needs of women and girls in Tallahassee and Leon County. 

The goals include: A) supporting the integration of health services and other social supports through the implementation of wrap-around approaches in local schools and B) increasing awareness of the impact of social and emotional health and wellbeing on outcomes of women and girls. 

Education and Economic Security Committee

The Education and Economic Security Committee is focusing on policy and issues related to two areas: (1) Financial and Economic Security and (2) Educational and Vocational programs where women are underrepresented. The Committee is focusing on recommendations on the issues and policies identified in previous CSWG annual reports.

In order to update the status on the priorities addressing the challenges and gaps on economic empowerment for women and girls in Tallahassee and Leon County, a series of public hearings to gather information on current efforts by public and private entities will be held during the spring. Using the information obtained the committee will work on planning an event to be held in 2019 focusing on economic empowerment for women and girls.

To highlight STEM efforts within the city and county the committee will develop an engagement bureau as a resource to bring attention to the people and program assets available in the region. Using public hearings during the spring, the Committee will gather additional information on current STEM programs in the City and County.

Violence and Safety Committee

The mission of the Violence and Safety Committee (VSC) is to educate, inform, and influence policymakers on issues of violence and safety impacting women and girls in our community. This year, the VSC will attempt to empower local women and girls to speak out on issues they are facing relating to violence and safety, with a particular focus on sexual harassment and sexual violence., as well as partner with local agencies and local government in these efforts. The VSC will seek to effect change to increase safety and security for women and girls in our community.