Community Engagement Committee (Patricia McCray, Chair)


The purpose of the Community Engagement Committee is to foster community involvement with CSWG initiatives and projects and to engage members of the community on issues impacting women and girls.  This year, the Community Engagement Committee will coordinate a conference for women and girls. The Community Engagement Committee also oversees the implementation of the Speaker’s Bureau.


Marketing & Communications Committee (Cecka Rose Green, Chair)

cecka-rose-green-circle-head-shotThe Marketing & Communications Committee facilitates the strategic communications and marketing efforts of the CSWG by working to increase the community’s awareness of the CSWG and its activities.  The Marketing and Communications Committee will also assist with the Commission’s efforts such as with publicizing CSWG events and the Status of Girls Report.


Organizational & Bylaws Committee (Dr. Jeanne O’Kon, Chair)

Dr. O'KonThe Organizational & Bylaws Committee is a standing committee and will consist of the Chairs of each of the other committees, at large members may also be appointed. Among other things, the Organizational & Bylaws Committee reviews policies and procedures, bylaws, and promotes collaboration between committees.



Policy Committee (Darby Kerrigan Scott, Chair)

Photo Shape Editor: Policy Committee will work to ensure that issues facing women and girls locally are addressed through City, County, or other local policy. A newly formed committee, this committee will respond to established issues identified by the City and County Commissions and identify emerging policy issues to include actionable recommendations.