Economic Security Committee

The Economic Security Committee’s mission is to help women achieve financial independence and economic security through the promotion of financial empowerment.

Education Committee

The Education Committee supports and empowers women and girls to identify and pursue various educational and career pathways through expanded knowledge, access, and connections. 

Employment and Earnings Committee

The Employment and Earnings Committee focuses on ensuring that all women and girls in Tallahassee and Leon County are granted equitable access to opportunities they may not otherwise know are available to them. Awareness, access, and education should never prevent our women and girls from being able to secure lucrative career opportunities allowing them to provide for themselves and their family.

Health and Development Committee

The Health and Development Committee is dedicated to increasing the awareness of health-related needs for women and girls, including physical health, mental health and social-emotional development among policy and community stakeholders.

Political Equity Committee

The Political Equity Committee supports the belief that establishing political equity in a democratic society is critical to ensuring that women and girls will be on equal standing in terms of their political power and influence. This committee is focused on empowering women and girls through effective representation, providing access to political and policy education, and encouraging the advocacy of issues important to this demographic and their intersectionalities.

Violence and Safety Committee

The mission of the Violence and Safety Committee is to identify and promote initiatives that lead women and girls to feel and be safe in their homes, workplaces, and public spaces.